Team Overview

Last Chance Advisors was formed to solve problems that were being ignored. The people on the team all have their own reasons and histories, but work together to bring help to people who are in need and to be a force for positive change in the galaxy. The team includes:

Derrick Chance, dashingly handsome and daring adventurer (just ask him)
Kelisst, a famous but recently retired duelist
Larinda Gels, a surveillance and intelligence expert
Gar, a four-armed scientist with unmatched technological expertise
Harmony, a psi-empowered ethicist
Proll, a law enforcer from the Erendei Empire

Ship (The Paragon)
Last Chance Advisors’ ship, the Paragon, was a gift from a wealthy client. It possesses a jump drive as well as basic shields and energy weapons. It’s strong enough to stand up to pirates and the like, but no match for military vessels. It also possesses science labs, a medical bay, and a moderately sized cargo bay.

Diplomatic Status (the Pysemian Collective)
Last Chance helped out a dying race, the Pysemians, about a year ago, with a difficult puzzle. In gratitude their government, the Collective, made them diplomatic representatives of the race. It doesn’t provide legal immunity of any sort, but it has been useful opening certain doors.

Team Overview

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