The focal point of galactic society is a quadrant known as Galactic East. The region is divided into numerous small governments, from enlightened democracies to militaristic empires. Two such regions are:

The Feltag Confederation: A group of systems with unusually rich asteroid belts, located at the nexus of several trade routes. The Isharan Republic is mainly of interest to shipping and other business concerns.
The Krovaran League: One of the largest political units in Galactic East, the League likely possesses the strongest military. They formed mainly out of concern about being absorbed into the Protectorate (see below).

Bordering Galactic East is The Protectorate, an extremely large and insular society that reaches from the galaxy’s edge almost to its center. The Protectorate is a seemingly enlightened and advanced government, but it strictly limits contact between its people and the rest of the galaxy. Trade is closely monitored, while immigration and emigration are almost unheard of. They cast a long shadow over the peoples of Galactic East.

Beyond the Protectorate is Galactic North, home to the Erendei Empire. Ruled by the Kejjk, a fierce and warlike people, the Empire is notorious for its cruelty and oppression. They are known to Galactic East mainly due to their frequent clashes with the Protectorate (who do not hesitate to point out the shield they are providing).


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